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EXPERIENCE The Company is comprised of avid boaters with decades of experience in craft ranging from runabouts to sailboats, and have years of blue water sailing experience. The engineering staff applies their previous experience designing test equipment, medical lasers, high amperage bus systems, circuit breakers, and marine systems to the Blue Sea Systems products they design. QUALITY The company boat, a 36' express trawler, is used to test Blue Sea Systems' products and ideas and improve the products offered. Blue Sea Systems' in-house lab is used to load test, thermal test, and water test products to ensure they will perform under marine conditions. This results in the delivery of innovative, reliable products for the marine industry. INNOVATION As an independent company, Blue Sea Systems is nimble, flexible, and responsive to customer needs and changes in the marine industry. Blue Sea Systems uses tin-plated pure CDA 11000 electrical-grade copper where appropriate, rather than the lower cost brass alloys used by some manufacturers. Just as electrical wire is always copper, so are the Blue Sea Systems products to which this wire is attached. Copper is 250% more conductive than brass. Electrical devices made with copper are capable of handling higher amperages at lower temperatures. Blue Sea Systems tin-plating adds additional performance by protecting the copper from corrosion that can produce poor conductivity at connection points. Plated brass can look just like tin-plated copper; Blue Sea Systems tin-plated copper icon assures that the product to which it is attached is made of pure electrical grade copper.

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