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ECHOTec Watermakers are shipped worldwide and rank as the number one choice of watermakers / reverse osmosis desalination systems in the Caribbean, where RO purification plays a great role in the supply of high quality fresh water. These well-proven RO systems are the preferred selection for any application where ultimate reliability, low maintenance cost/effort and committed customer support are of utmost importance. Only highest quality components that have proven to withstand continuous operation in a harsh marine environment and comply to industry standards including: NEMA, ASTM, API, NSF and BSI have been selected for ultimate safety and reliability. ECHOTec Watermakers are available directly from the manufacturer and in many countries through a fast growing net of factory-trained distributors. ECHOTec fabricates watermakers and desalination systems for yachts, commercial vessels, offshore installations and for land based operations such as small communities, hotels and beach houses. The product range covers modular AC, DC and belt driven systems from 8.4 gallons or 32 Ltr / hour to self-contained desalination units with a daily production of 10.000 gallons or 37,800 Ltr per dual system. More than 1500 ECHOTec desalination systems are presently operating throughout the world, many of them on continuous duty.

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