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TecMate has been developing and manufacturing unique electronic products for the power sports & niche vehicle sectors for more than 16 years. This focus makes us uniquely specialised in this field. In addition to diagnostic and engine setting tools, the development and manufacturing of automatic « smart » battery conditioners and chargers with diagnostic capabilities are our particular specialities. Our products are in service in nearly 50 countries worldwide, and we have active distributors in 36 of these. We manufacture private label or custom products for a number of outstanding companies. Our products have been ordered by and/or are being recommended or directly distributed by more of the established global power sports O.E. networks in more countries than any of our competitors. Our philosophy places strong emphasis on service, whether in response to technical enquiries or in providing after-sales back-up, and, equally important, on maintaining a continuously high level of product quality. These principles underscore the close relationships we have been able to develop with a number of O.E. manufacturers. TecMate North America was formed in 2004 to service American clients.

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Battery chargers

   Battery chargers