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Rule Automatic bilge pumps

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Automatic bilge pumps Fully automatic, computerized No bilge float switch is necessary The pumps activates ciclycally each 2,5min for only one second for perceiving the water If there is water, the pu (...)
Pompes de cale automatiques 25S 12V 31L/Mn

Capacité GPH: 500 capacité L/Heure:1893 mod:25S 12V 2,5A 19mm dim:60,3x102 Poids 310 Photo1 YD80202
Our price:
95.00 € HT 114 € TTC
Pompes de cale automatiques 51S 12V 94L/Mn

Capacité GPH:1500 capacité L/Heure: 5678 mod:51S 12V 7A 28,6mm dim:108x152 Poids:2kg500 Photo 2 YD80208141
Our price:
222.00 € HT 266.4 € TTC
Pompes de cale automatiques 55S 12V 233L/Mn

Capacité GPH:3700 capacité l/Heure:14010 mod:55S 12V 15,5A 38mm dim:124x184 poids:2kg500 Photo 3 YD80278
Our price:
359.00 € HT 430.8 € TTC